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Summer Services

Summer Services for Bizzy Beez Lawn-N-Landscape

It's Summer! Grab your swim wear, put on that tan lotion, fire up the grill - and don't worry about your lawn!  We offer weekly/bi-weekly mowing services, a variety of landscaping work such as bed design, planting, mulching, and even weed removal (can include spray kill upon request or recommendation)!

Summer Services

  • Weekly and Bi-Weekly Mowing 

    Bizzy Beez Lawn N Landscape offers weekly and bi-weekly mowing services, often referred to as “lawn maintenance”, for residential and commercial customers in most of Stark County. Mowing is a service that is subject to additional "clean-up" charges if time spent/work done exceeds our initial estimate. Any additional charges are pro-rated depending on how long/how much extra work was done past the initial estimated cost. If you are seeking a one-time mow, or are not in our area of coverage, we will unfortunately, be unable to assist you. Mowing, like snow removal or leaf removal, is often on a scheduled route, depending on your area - we will come out on a specific day of the week. Also, please note, as with any of our services, new customers are required to provide a debit or credit card to set-up your account. 

  • Plant Bed Design and Implementation 

     Bizzy Beez will either take your suggestions or requests in planting specific plants for your beds, or for a small design fee – design the bed for you. If this is something you may need, please contact us through our contact form, or call our office at 330-494-0390 to request an estimate or design. 

  • Mulching 

    Mulching services are offered all through-out the spring and summer seasons. Mulch will be charged on a per yard basis. PLEASE NOTE: We do not sell mulch, we procure it through a supplier for contracted jobs. 

  • Shrub and Tree Trimming 

     Have some shrubs that are looking out-of-whack? A tree branch that is hanging too low? Call us up and schedule a free estimate! Bizzy Beez offers shrub and tree trimming! Most shrubs are included, however if tree branches are to be trimmed, we are only able to service up to a reasonable height.

  • Weed Removal 

    Tired of all those unsightly weeds in your beds? Have a weed  problem in your lawn you’d like to finally get rid of, but just don’t have the time? Send us your information and we will come out to give you a free estimate on weed removal. Bizzy Beez offers a variety of solutions to control and eliminate weed growth, whether it be in your beds or your lawn.

  • Lawn Installation / Lawn Repair 

    Nasty tread marks in your lawn? Bare areas, because of shade or other factors? Do not fear! Bizzy Beez offers lawn repair and installation services to fix most issues with dry, bare, or damaged areas of your lawn. But please note, we will be unable to service you if any large scale leveling, through the use of a Bobcat or similar machinery, may be required. 

Don't waste your precious time off from work worrying about what your neighbors or friends might think of your lawn - schedule a free estimate with us regarding any lawn or landscaping work you may be interested in by hopping over to our estimates/contact page and filling out the form! Please allow up to 1 business day for a customer service representative to contact you.

Thank you, and we look forward to servicing you this Summer!

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